Title Insurance


Pride Settlement is proud to be affiliated with Old Republic National Title Insurance and, WFG National Title Insurance Company two of the nation’s 50 largest publicly held title insurance organizations.


Policies and their differences:


Basic Owners Coverage/Enhanced Coverage


To protect you and your family from future claims against your property, we highly recommend the purchase of an owner’s title insurance policy. For a one-time premium cost (usually no more than you would spend annually on automobile insurance policy) you can protect your property for a lifetime against hidden title defects and risks that may arise after your purchase. This coverage lasts as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. It can also provide legal fees when defending against any claims or defects to the title of the property.


Which title insurance is right for you?


The type of title insurance you need depends on your situation. Not everyone should or need to have enhanced title insurance. Our title insurance specialists will help you choose the insurance for your needs.


We’ve got lenders title insurance. Isn’t that enough?


Lender’s title insurance would be required by the mortgage company. This policy would protect the lender against any defects in the chain of title, typically to the face amount of the mortgage taken by the borrower at the time of closing.


Again, it only protects the lender. Over the years, we have helped homeowners purchase the owner’s title insurance policy to cover their real estate investment.