More and more companies have employees that work remotely and technology has made it easier than ever to work from anywhere. Yet, teams still work better when they can easily collaborate and share ideas. The challenge is how to have both—employees that work remotely but still work closely with each other.

The same values apply whether the employees are remote or not: communication, trust and accountability. The key is to use technology to achieve these values while still making sure there is human interaction. It is important to employ multiple methods of communication and to communicate often. Set up regular calls and meetings via conference calls and teleconferencing but also have instant messaging and texting available for casual interaction between the team members. Meeting timelines is important, but so is sharing pictures from a vacation or a child’s graduation.

Working remotely for many individuals is one of the most important factors in deciding on a new job. It is the responsibility of the employer and managers to understand this and establish both technology and communication skills to make the relationship with remote employees work for everyone.

Cheryl Cowherd, senior underwriting counsel for Agents National Title Insurance Co., will talk more in depth on this topic during the session “Remote in Location Only“ at ALTA ONE. Click here to register for ALTA ONE.

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Perhaps I am biased, as a Licensed Title Insurance ProducerJ, but I honestly think that Title Insurance is one of the BEST investments that someone could make. How many other lines of insurance do you pay for one time? How many lines of insurance pay for occurrences backwards? How many lines of insurance will provide up to a 40% discount? (Restrictions may apply) When you make one of the biggest investments of your life, you want to be sure, you want to “Insure” that it is protected. That is the point of Title Insurance. With an Owners Policy of Title Insurance you pay for the premium one time – through closing, as long as you remain the owner of the property, your policy remains in effect (depending on the level of coverage, your coverage could extend through your Estate). With owners coverage you are being insured for “unknown issues”. What I always try to educate both my business partners, friends and consumers about title insurance and the benefit there of – even if the actual dwelling is only 4 years old, someone had interest in the actual property at some point.. Title insurance protects the “interest” of the property. To say that you are purchasing a newly constructed home and therefore title insurance is not necessary seems rather odd to me... who owned that land prior to the builder? Are you sure that the chain of title for the transfer of interest before the builder was properly completed? To me, it is a no brainer – but hey, I am a #TitleNerd. I always say, when in doubt, speak with a professional!

Protecting your investment with Title Insurance

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Believe it or not, wire and banking fraud has been around a long time. With the increase in technology and less and less people “talking” – moving towards electronic communication, this has made a way for hackers to take advantage of consumers. We all want to be believe that our information is safe and secure, even when using the internet or other forms of communication, the truth is, nothing is 100%. Many Title Agencies and Underwriters have put strict guidelines in place to help prevent wire and check fraud. Here are a few tips

· Title Agents will not change their wiring instructions in the middle of your transaction

· Wiring instructions will not be sent to you by your Realtor

· You should always make a call to your Title Company representative, prior to sending a wire to confirm the ABA and Account number

Taking just 5 minutes to verify information can make the difference

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